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Farm Bankruptcies, Drought, Derecho, and Land Values: Recent Ag Econ Variables in Focus

Wall Street Journal writer Jesse Newman reported last week that, “More U.S. farmers are filing for bankruptcy, as federal payments projected to reach record levels this year fall short of compensating for the coronavirus pandemic and a yearslong slump in…

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Recent News Summaries

Research Shows the Profile of Brazilian Digital Agriculture During the Pandemic

An unprecedented survey carried out by the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) reveals the behavior around the use of digital solutions in the field in Brazil during of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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China Soybean Imports Robust in July, But Soy a Lower Component of U.S. Farm Exports

Bloomberg News reported on Thursday that, “China’s soybean imports were the second highest on record in July as processors increased purchases of cheaper Brazilian supplies and demand for hog feed recovered.”

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Department of Energy Finishes Recommendation on Retroactive RFS Exemption Requests

Reuters writer Stephanie Kelly reported this week that, “The U.S. Department of Energy has recommended that some of the oil refiners that applied for retroactive exemptions from the nation’s biofuel blending law be granted partial relief, two sources familiar with…

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U.S., China to Discuss Phase One Trade Deal Later this Month

Lingling Wei and Bob Davis reported in today’s Wall Street Journal that, “The U.S. and China have agreed to high-level talks on Aug. 15 to assess Beijing’s compliance with the bilateral trade agreement signed early this year, according to people…

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New Locust Clouds Appear in Argentina and Country Declares State of Agricultural Emergency

The Argentine Ministry of Agriculture recently decreed a state of agricultural emergency after receiving an alert for a new locust cloud.  Currently, there are four monitored regions: Formosa, Chaco, Salta and Entre Ríos provinces.

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China Makes (Another) Record U.S. Corn Purchase in July, But Achieving Phase One Targets May Still be a Stretch

Bloomberg writers Elizabeth Rembert and Michael Hirtzer reported last week that, “China took another step toward meeting agricultural commitments made in the phase one trade agreement with the U.S. with its biggest-ever purchase of American corn.”

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