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Farm Income and Return Outlook

Nick Paulson will examine the forecasted financial returns and net incomes for Illinois farms in 2024, against the recent downturn in commodity prices. He'll explore the impact of persistent high production costs in a low-price environment and suggest strategies to manage the expected tighter margins.

Macro and Farm Financial Update

Brad Zwilling and Gerald Mashange will analyze economic factors impacting agriculture, focusing on inflation, interest rates, and farm credit conditions. Utilizing Illinois FBFM data, they'll assess the financial state of Illinois farms, covering topics like income, land values, and debt.

Post-Application Coverage Endorsement (PACE) Crop Insurance Policy for 2024

Learn more about the Post-Application Coverage Endorsement (PACE) Crop Insurance Policy for 2024 during a webinar hosted by IL Corn.

Experts Dr. Gary Schnitkey, University of Illinois Professor in Agricultural and Consumer Economics, and Megan Dwyer, CCA and Director of Conservation and Nutrient Stewardship for IL Corn, will walk participants through this game-changing coverage endorsement and answer any questions.

Grain Market Outlook

Joe Janzen will analyze 2024's grain price forecasts and global market trends, discussing the implications for grain marketing strategies in light of supply and demand estimations.

Crop Risk Management for 2024, Part 1

This two-part webinar series will provide an in-depth analysis of risk management decisions and strategies for the 2024 crop year. Lower commodity prices are expected for the 2024 crop and marketing years compared to the past 3 years, resulting in a much tighter margin environment and increased importance of risk management decisions.

Part 1 on February 19, 2024 will feature Gary Schnitkey who will join Nick Paulson to discuss the commodity program alternatives with a focus on corn and soybean producers in Illinois. Crop insurance alternatives for 2024 will also be discussed as projected insurance prices are being set in February. Both crop insurance and ARC/PLC enrollment decisions must be made by March 15th.

Preventing the Spread of Infectious Disease on Farms, Ranches and Ag Workplaces

Farmers, ranchers, and ag operators were deemed ‘essential’ during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learning how to protect employees, families, clients, and the community evolved throughout the pandemic and uncertainty was often difficult to navigate. In the webinar, we hope to bring forward some of the lessons learned during the pandemic and help share strategies for responding…

Crop Risk Management for 2024, Part 2

This two-part webinar series will provide an in-depth analysis of risk management decisions and strategies for the 2024 crop year. Lower commodity prices are expected for the 2024 crop and marketing years compared to the past 3 years, resulting in a much tighter margin environment and increased importance of risk management decisions.

Part 2 on March 4, 2024 will feature Bruce Sherrick who will join Nick Paulson to focus on crop insurance alternative for 2024.  Projected insurance prices will be known at this time, allowing for a more accurate look at the risk protection and premium costs associated with the commonly used insurance programs as the March 15th crop insurance sales closing date approaches. Individual coverage

All Day Ag Outlook

The farmdoc Team,, and University of Illinois Extension are proud to present the All Day Ag Outlook. This meeting has been an annual tradition in the month of March at the Beef House in Covington, Indiana since 1991.

This year's event is scheduled for Tuesday, March 5, 2024. The doors open at 7:30 a.m. central / 8:30 a.m. eastern and includes both coffee and rolls in the morning and a Beef House lunch.

The Changing Face of American Agriculture: Insights from the 2022 USDA Census of Agriculture – Illinois and the Midwest

This webinar will provide an overview of the census data and trends specific to Illinois and the Midwest. By highlighting the unique circumstances and opportunities faced by farmers in this region, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of the agricultural sector and contribute to informed policy-making processes.

The 2022 USDA Census of Agriculture provides a wealth of information about the state of American agriculture. This webinar series will explore findings from the census, and discuss trends of U.S. agriculture.

Download Larger PDF Here

Research and Strategies for Grain Entrapment Prevention

We will explore the world of grain safety, shedding light on various types of incidents and the alarming statistics surrounding them. We will delve into the immense pressure exerted by grain, a contributing factor to the severity of injuries and tragic fatalities. Moreover, we will examine the distinction between youth and adult entrapments, analyzing potential…

Managing Risks with Cover Crops: A Case Study of the Most Profitable Illinois Farms Using Cover Crops

Cover crops remain the best conservation practice in the organic rich soils of the Midwest where nutrient loss, soil health, and climate change are concerns. Many farmers have also seen agronomic benefits related to weed control, water infiltration, and protection during crop-loss weather events. Still, there are challenges for farm-level profitability and risks. Using Precision…

Farmworker Safety and Health

Farm work presents many hazards that can lead to injury, illness, and even death. This webinar focuses on the unique risks faced by agricultural workers, including migrant and hired laborers, and ways to protect their safety and health. We will discuss common issues like pesticide exposure, musculoskeletal disorders, transportation incidents, and lack of adequate housing.…

How Will Technology Shape the Farm of the Future

Discussion of current and upcoming technology that will change the way we farm. This includes discussions on Internet of Things, Autonomous Machinery, Sensors, and Livestock handling. We will discuss how each of these technologies will contribute to a safer and more productive farm. We will also cover what are the risks of these technologies and…

Cultivating Caution: A Monthly Guide to Farm Safety & Health

Join University of Illinois experts monthly as they share the latest research and recommendations for staying safe and healthy while working in agriculture. Topics will cover machinery safety, infectious diseases, grain hazards, tractor safety, heat illness, and mental health. The webinar series provides practical tips and best practices for Illinois farmers, ranchers, and agricultural workers…

Heat Illness

Explanation of how heat exposure affects agricultural workers and effective strategies for prevention. Reviews risk factors, early symptoms, treatment, workplace controls like rest breaks and hydration, and personal protective measures when working in hot conditions.

Illinois Injury Surveillance Efforts

Overview of agriculture-related injury and illness tracking programs active in Illinois. Will cover data collection methods, trends identified, and how surveillance information guides prevention initiatives for the agriculture community.

Farm Safety for Youth: Keeping the Next Generation Safe

Children and teens make up a significant portion of injuries and fatalities in agriculture. This webinar looks at why young people are uniquely vulnerable to farm hazards. We will review child labor laws and resources for legally employing youth in agriculture. You'll learn about equipment risks, and key safety practices to prevent farm incidents. We'll…

Addressing Mental Stress & Health in Agriculture

Farming and ranching are filled with stressors like financial pressures, uncertain conditions, long hours, and social isolation. This webinar focuses on mental health challenges common in agriculture and ways to foster resilience and wellbeing. We will discuss signs and symptoms of conditions like anxiety, depression, and suicide risk. You'll gain strategies for managing stress, building…

Resources for Farmers in Crisis

When injury, illness, or natural disasters strike, farmers and ranchers need help to continue operating. This webinar highlights two key resources for farmers in crisis. We will explain the Farm Rescue program which plants, harvests, hauls, and does chores for free when farmers have an emergency. We'll also cover the AgrAbility program helping agriculture workers…

Future of Ag Safety: How AI Will Transform Agriculture

This final webinar looks ahead at emerging technologies and innovations that will transform safety in agriculture. We will showcase cutting-edge research around autonomous equipment, wearable tech, telematics, and digital training tools. You'll gain insights into how these futuristic solutions could monitor risks, prevent incidents, and improve health outcomes for agricultural workers. We'll discuss how farmers,…

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